Health Benefits

Better Quality of Life

Life’s just better with an elevator. For those looking to age in place, an elevator offers plentiful peace of mind. Having a home elevator increases accessibility and mobility while helping maintain your independence. Even better news: the same benefits are great for those beloved pets.

Seriously, elevators aren’t just for moving around your home. A home elevator can do wonders for your body and mind, especially as you grow older. This belief, along with our amazing elevators, was on full display in the 2020 edition of USA TODAY Home.

Reduce Soreness and Body Strain

A smooth ride on an elevator will always be easier than taking the stairs. That means less stress on joints and muscles over time. And moving heavy or cumbersome objects like laundry or groceries from floor to floor is less of a hassle.

Avoid Injuries

Stairs are the primary culprit for trips, falls, and other accidents—regardless of your age or mobility. Elevators help keep homeowners and visitors out of harm’s way with an easy-to-use and safe alternative.

Get the Full Benefits of Your Elevator Today

At Residential Elevators, we design, manufacture, and install elevators that serve as a valuable addition for your home. We offer Hydraulic-, Traction- and Pitless-style elevators in an unmatched variety of sleek and stylish options that is sure to fit any home design or décor. Plus, we tailor every phase of the project to your precise specifications, using products that don’t come off the shelf. Our staff and installation experts will customize an elevator that’s as unique as your home.

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