When done properly, operating your elevator is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step rundown just in case.

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Basic Operating Steps

  1. Press the hall call button to your floor. The elevator will arrive automatically at the landing.
  2. Open the landing door after making sure the elevator is at floor level and turn on the cab light if it does not turn on automatically.
  3. Close landing door securely.
  4. Close car gate securely and push desired floor button on the Car Operating Panel (COP).
  5. Once the elevator has stopped at the selected floor and the light on the COP has turned off, open the car gate and landing door, then step out.
  6. Turn off the car light (if not automatic) and close the car gate and landing door behind you. Doing so makes the elevator ready for others to use.

Make sure young children are never left unattended in your home, and never let them play in or around a home elevator. Death or serious injury could result if a young child stands between the landing door and the elevator gate. Always make sure renters and guests are adequately informed of this risk.

Quick Reference Guide

Operating Your Home Elevator

Be sure to watch this video before using your home elevator for the first time. There’s a small learning curve compared to the commercial elevators you’re used to.

User Guide for Homeowners and Renters

Safety Rules You Should Follow When Operating The Elevator:

  • Landing doors (also known as hallway or hoistway doors) should be kept in the closed position at all times except when entering or exiting the elevator.
  • Never remove, bypass, tamper with or disable door locks or other safety features.
  • Before entering or exiting the elevator, be sure the elevator has come to a complete stop and is at floor level. Always watch your step.
  • Do not lean against car (also known as elevator cab), gate, or car controls while in the elevator.
  • Do not open the car gate when in motion or extend your hands or feet through the openings in a scissor-style gate.
  • Do not overload the elevator beyond its rated capacity (noted inside cab). Keep all contents at least 2” from cab walls and cab gate.
  • Do not operate the elevator if the car gate or landing door locking system is not functioning properly.
  • Do not operate the elevator if you detect any unusual sounds or if the ride seems abnormal.

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