ASME Updates Important 2016 updates to safety information regarding your elevator installation

ASME A17.2-2016

  • The distance between the hoistway door and the hoistway edge of the landing sill must not exceed ¾-inch.
  • The gate must be less than 4 inches from the side of the landing door facing the hoistway. To meet code, a 4-inch sphere placed anywhere in the space would keep the elevator door from closing.

The ASME 2016 update was implemented for the safety of all who might use, ride on, or operate a home elevator. Its primary function is to ensure there is nor a space where a small child or pet could stand or become entrapped between the closed landing door and the elevator gate. Whether or not you have a small child or pet presently living in your home, a violation of this code could present a safety hazard to short-term guests, including children, current residents, and future residents of the home.

If your elevator was not installed in a jurisdiction that requires adherence to ASME 17.1-2016, we recommend you schedule an inspection to ensure your elevator is as safe as possible. Residential Elevators can serve as one resource for you (and your handyman or contractor). Eliminating the unsafe space between gate and door can be a fairly straightforward process and can often be complete with the purchase of a space guard or door baffle for each affected landing. In some cases, additional work by a handyman will likely be required to reset doors.

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