Electrical Requirements

What Powers Our Home Elevators

  • Main Power—10/3 with Ground Pigtail (min. 6") connected to house 30-amp dedicated circuit
  • Cab Light Power—12/2 with Ground Pigtail (min. 6") connected to house 20-amp dedicated circuit
  • One (1) GFI outlet
  • One (1) fixture (with a protective cover over bulb) with a wall switch
  • One (1) live land-based phone line with a Pigtail (10'–0" min.) per code


Electrical Requirements Package

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Electrical Requirements by Elevator Type

Residential Elevators Luxury Lift LLT – Variable Speed Traction Home Elevator

Quiet, smooth and reliable operations are the hallmarks of this advanced system and will provide dependable vertical transportation for the life of your home. As quiet as any conventional hydraulic system and a ride similar in smoothness during starting and stopping to most conventional hydraulic systems on the market.

The Traction Home Elevator uses the same technology as you would find in commercial buildings. We have developed this technology for a Home Elevator application without the need for a machine room. That saves the square footage of your home and adds to its value.

Residential Elevators exclusive Auto Lowering emergency exit feature allows this Luxury Lift LLT to lower automatically to the next landing, allowing passengers to exit safely in the event of a power outage.

Residential Elevators history of quality engineering means lower maintenance costs.

Residential Elevators Luxury Lift LLH

The Luxury Lift Hydraulic (LLH) home elevators are built using the same design criteria developed over decades and used in the commercial and industrial elevator market. Residential Elevator’s Luxury Lift LLH gives the lifting capacity normally available only with commercial elevators. Complement the Luxury Lift LLH with your personal choice of cab appointments and enjoy commercial elevator features at residential elevator prices.

Low maintenance consistent with Residential Elevator’s reputation and demonstrated track record for reliable and highly engineered hydraulic elevators.

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