Choosing the Right Residential Elevator What to Consider for Individuals With Mobility Challenges

Installation of residential elevators is booming, with more people becoming interested in establishing equal access for individuals living with disabilities. Installing elevators in homes also significantly improves the independence and life quality of those with mobility challenges.

Choosing the right residential elevator for your home is more than just picking out finishes and aesthetic elements — there are several other factors to consider for individuals with mobility challenges. Safety and accessibility are critical aspects in deciding what elevator and application suits your home, as is choosing a reputable installer.

Safety and Accessibility Features

Residential elevators offer a great alternative to having a caregiver carry a person with mobility challenges up and down the stairs or using stairlifts. These elevators minimize the risks of falls and injuries associated with navigating staircases, making transitions between floors seamless.

Consider the following safety factors to enhance your residential elevator:

  • Elevator Fixtures: Elevator fixtures, such as buttons, handrails, and emergency controls, should be installed at heights easily reachable by individuals in wheelchairs. Ensuring these design considerations significantly enhances accessibility and independence for wheelchair users.
  • Elevator Gates/Doors: An automatic elevator gate/door helps passengers safely enter and exit the elevator. These features are essential for wheelchair users who may not have the ability to manually open or close gates/doors.
  • Safety Sensors: Elevators should be equipped with sensors that detect objects or individuals in the doorway and prevent the doors from closing on them. This is particularly important for wheelchair users who might need more time to enter or exit the elevator.

Why Work With a Professional Residential Elevator Installation Company?

Not all residential elevators are created equal. You need a trusted provider that delivers quality products and will consult you to identify the right solution for your needs. Residential Elevators provides:

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise: Our trained and authorized employees will assist you in making a sound decision.
  • Customizable solutions: The Residential Elevators team makes unique recommendations and custom builds to enhance your property. Our professional technicians leverage technology and their extensive experience to deliver safe, dependable and quiet elevators.
  • Upfront pricing: We offer transparent pricing from design, installation and post-installation service with our quotes.

Contact Us for Custom Residential Elevators

Contact Us for Custom Residential Elevators

You want your residential elevator to serve a practical purpose and look attractive in your home. With Residential Elevators, you can have a product that adheres to all the safety and security requirements you need while adding value to your residence.

Since 1996, Residential Elevators has designed, engineered and installed premium quality lifts in homes. We also offer post-service support and maintenance to ensure your home elevator runs safely and efficiently. We do not do out-of-the-box designs — our team works with you to custom-create an elevator ideal for your space.

Learn more about choosing the right elevator to assist with your mobility needs when you contact us online or call 800.832.2004.