Single Family Home Elevators

Do you own or live in a single-family home consisting of multiple levels? Is getting up and down the stairs becoming more of a challenge? A beautiful, custom-built single-family home elevator can offer the perfect solution. At Residential Elevators, our goal is to provide homeowners like you with a more accessible lifestyle across generations — and that begins with an expertly crafted home elevator.


Residential Elevators is the only full-service provider of elevators for single-family homes. Unlike our competitors, we handle every aspect of the design, manufacturing and installation of our products ourselves, ensuring exceptional quality from start to finish. We use only the finest materials — for example, we make all cabs with seven-ply plywood and solid hardware trim. Our elevators also have more lift capacity than other models on the market.

Our expert staff is the best in the industry. Every member of our team shares our commitment to providing the best service and helping our customers get their dream elevator. We also make safety our top priority in every residential elevator project.


Single-family home elevators from Residential Elevators offer a host of valuable benefits. Increased accessibility is perhaps the most important reason that homeowners install them. For seniors and folks with limited mobility, an elevator makes it easier to get around the house and increases the enjoyment of living there. They also add convenience by making it much easier to transport groceries and other household items.

Safety is another advantage offered by elevators. By using them instead of stairways, occupants can avoid injuries resulting from falling down the steps. And the right elevator choice can serve as an attractive upgrade to the home’s interior.


The advantages of selecting us for single-family home elevators include:

  • Accessibility: Enjoy a more accessible lifestyle and increased mobility inside your home.
  • Quality: We’re a family-owned American company that manufactures the highest quality elevators in the country.
  • Experience: During our more than 20 years in business, we’ve installed tens of thousands of elevators. We’ve earned a stellar reputation within the industry and with our customers.
  • Affordability: We believe that exceptional quality shouldn’t come at a high cost. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our single-family home elevators are.

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