Pitless Home Elevators

Groundbreaking design without breaking ground

Our newest elevator design is a pitless system that eliminates cutting existing concrete. Nicknamed “The Level,” this option fits seamlessly with the existing floor—no slab foundation disruption needed. It’s a unique, less-invasive approach that other companies simply don’t offer.

Simplified Installation

Sometimes pits below the cabin aren’t desirable or structurally possible. This design removes some of the construction obstacles without compromising performance, quality, or customization options.

Rigorous Performance and Safety Testing

The Lift can hold its own. Our team of professionals ensure this elevator meets national safety codes and can support heavy-duty capacity up to 950 pounds.


In addition to its pitless design, these systems also offer:

  • Single-entry and pass-through cabins
  • Capability for up to 5 stops
  • Options for remodeled homes, new build homes, and multistory remodels
  • Simplified installation
  • An exceptionally smooth ride

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