Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

The only thing that could make a rental home even more luxurious is a home elevator. Not only will it fit seamlessly with the property’s existing style, but it makes your property more accessible to a wider variety of mobility needs.


Short term doesn’t mean less useful. Adding an elevator to a rental home offers guests an attractive amenity. In addition to making your property more accommodating for more mobility needs, it’s also easier to lug heavy luggage and other items without using the stairs.

Property Managers

Whether a full-time or part-time rental, your property’s investment value increases with a home elevator—a lucrative amenity that will stand out to vacationers. While we recommend planning for an elevator during initial construction, installing a home elevator in an already freestanding home won’t make the property unavailable for long. On average, our elevators can be installed in less than a week. Once your elevator is in place, you’ll immediately notice how fast and simple it is to move about the property, especially when moving furniture and cleaning equipment.

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How to Plan a Home Elevator

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Residential Elevators offers two primary elevator types: hydraulic and traction. Hydraulic elevators are good fits for homes with limited overhead space and require a machine room. Traction elevators don’t require a machine room but need extra overhead space.

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