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Designing a new home is an important undertaking not just for you, but for anyone who enters your home. Whether you’re looking to age in place or simply add value to your property, here are some important considerations.

Benefits of a Home Elevator

Including a home elevator in your construction plan comes with several immediate and future-proofing advantages.

  • You increase mobility and accessibility in your home, letting you move freely and efficiently between all levels. This makes your home more inviting to those with injuries or disabilities.
  • Home elevators make your home safer for children and adults. Most household injuries happen around staircases, and elevators put less strain on your body and eliminate using stairs often.
  • A home elevator doesn’t require much space—only 15 square feet on average—so no need to worry about using up valuable livable area.
  • Home elevators are a valuable commodity, both on the market and as an investor. Since the 1990s, demand for home elevators has grown, and they are more common in new multistory homes. For homeowners, an elevator becomes a future-proof investment. They can simultaneously turn your home into a “forever” home while adding value to the home itself.

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What to Consider

Deciding to build an elevator in your new home likely won’t happen overnight. Here are some important factors to evaluate before calling your contractor:

What are your long-term goals?

In other words, what kind of home are you creating? Starting a family? Looking to invest, rent, or sell? Are you retiring here? Your intent can increase or decrease the need for an elevator in your home.

Where are the most important transition points in your home?

For instance, the garage to a living room or a foyer to a bedroom are common zones where having an elevator is most useful for moving groceries, heavy items, and other equipment.

Does your design allow for stacked closets?

Designing and building a new home is the perfect time to put a home elevator in motion. Unlike a retrofit, you can define most home details before breaking ground, including closet placement. Knowing many homeowners will one day want an elevator, most builders will stack closets on each floor.

How To Plan for a Home Elevator

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