Cost to Install a Home Elevator

Investing in a residential elevator comes with benefits and value that go beyond the price tag.

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How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?

It depends. Labor and installation charges will vary on many factors, but the price will likely be more affordable than you think. For installation specifically, the process may include tasks like relocating wiring, plumbing, or AC duct work—it all changes based on your project needs and location. For a more specific figure, contact our sales team.

Additional Factors

Your preferred aesthetic will determine a good portion of the cost. Our classic and modern styles come with different materials and finishes, which affects the price. The size and location of your home will also be variable. For instance, the number of floors or closet placement can incur additional construction costs.

Protecting your investment is a top consideration, and your preferred level of maintenance will also figure into the final cost. Residential Elevators offers a variety of comprehensive plan options, helping you offset routine maintenance costs with remote and onsite service.

  • Customization Options

  • Number of Floors

  • Location

  • Maintenance Contracts

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