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Whether you live by the beach or in the mountains, you want to stay in your North Carolina home as long as possible. However, accessibility can sometimes become a barrier to safely navigating all the levels of a home. Instead of moving, why not work with a home elevator installation company?

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When we founded our business, we focused on understanding commercial elevator technologies. Today, each type of lift system we use in our home elevators mimics what you’ll find at most businesses and high rises. For instance, our hydraulic elevators use a piston pump set up and push the cab upward from underneath. Requiring an adjacent machine room, it uses a little more real estate than a traction lift system. Traction elevators use a counterweight system. It is built directly into the shaft and offers the same smooth ride as a hydraulic lift but relying on different engineering.

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Which lift system would be best-suited for your North Carolina residence? We can help you find out! Talk to a residential elevator company representative from Residential Elevators right away.

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Whether you are looking to add luxury or safety to your home, our in-home elevators provide it all. Residential Elevators is an industry leader in providing the most reliable in-home elevators in North Carolina.

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