The Shaker Series

Crisp and Simple

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. Featuring the Shaker Series in your home is a showcase of focused craftmanship. Rounded out with clean lines and a natural aesthetic, this one fits right in with coastal and cottage designs.


Cab Height:
6' 8" (standard), 7'4" (optional), 8'0" (optional)
Travel Distance:
50' (standard)
Weight Capacity:
950 lbs (standard), 750 lbs (as required)
Travel Speed:
40 ft/min

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Common Questions

  1. Can I add a home elevator to an existing home?

    Yes, an elevator can be installed in an existing home. Doing this is all about planning and working with the right company. Residential Elevators will work side by side with you and your general contractor to determine the best location, type of elevator and requirements needed to make this a smooth process. Many homes built after 1990 already have stacked closets (closets on one level are directly above or below the closets on the other level) making a ready built hoistway for your home elevator. Contact us to discuss a home elevator addition to your existing home.

  2. How much space do I need for a home elevator?

    Space needs for a home elevator depend on the type of elevator, your elevator usage requirements, and the cabin size you want. We do not make a “One Size Fits All” elevator. Each of our elevators are custom built to fit your requirements. We recommend a minimum finished shaft size of 52” x 57” which will provide you an elevator that is comfortable to ride. Our manufacture certified sales representatives will work directly with you to design an elevator that fits your space.

  3. What does a home elevator cost to buy and install?

    Although complete costs will depend on the full specs of your elevator, a home elevator is more affordable than you might imagine. Make sure when you're shopping for a home elevator that you get the full price and not just part of the price. Our manufacture certified sales team will work directly with you to build and provide full pricing for an elevator of your dreams. Call today and one of our experts can discuss your options and price ranges.

  4. Is Traction, Hydraulic, or Pitless right for me?

    This question truly has no one answer. The type of elevator that is right for you all depends on your house plans and requirements.  Each of our elevators has slightly different specifications so that we can provide you the right option. We consult with you regarding your specifications ad requirements to provide the perfect elevator selection that fits your needs.

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Why Residential Elevators?

Safety and Reliability

Keeping you and your loved ones safe is our top priority. The integrity of your home is a top factor in all our designs. That means we only use the highest-quality materials and additional safety features in all our builds, plus a comprehensive warranty.

  • 3/8" heavy-duty aircraft cables
  • 3/4" sturdy cab walls
  • Safety phone
  • 1-year warranty

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Control and Freedom

Home is for everyone. Create a new level of accessibility and mobility for you, friends, and family. Be confident you can travel floor to floor in comfort and confidence with easy-to-use controls.

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Customize Your Interior

Dream it. See it. Pick it. We’ll make it happen. Simply choose from striking materials like stainless steel cabs, all-glass cabs, custom color cabs, and more.

  • Wood
  • Ceiling/Lights
  • Handrails
  • Fixtures
  • Gates
  • Cab Colors

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