Home elevators are practical solutions that make a home more accessible. Residential Elevators offers fully custom home elevator design and installation services to ensure your elevator meets your requirements. When you work with our team to integrate an elevator into a private residence, you can identify your favorite home elevator design options. We will create a functional, attractive elevator that serves as a beautiful and dynamic way to navigate multiple floors.


The Residential Elevators team is more than a group with expertise in building functionally sound elevators. Our experience equips us to offer an extensive range of customization options and designs to suit any homeowner’s tastes. With an array of cab designs, input button options, framing options and finishes for home elevators, we are confident we can create the perfect elevator for your needs.

Feel free to browse through the different options to get inspired. View our portfolio photo gallery to see examples of the elevators we’ve designed for past projects. You can also consider our cab designs to choose the best style for your space.


Hand-crafted details and rich, naturalistic materials like wood are hallmarks of this aesthetic. Whether the space leans toward a vintage style or European-inspired design, deep colors, satisfying symmetry and classic accessories make an elevator blend seamlessly into the rest of the home.


Materials like stainless steel add metallic elegance to modern spaces. You can also choose features that showcase simple, clean lines to give your elevator a crisp look and an uncomplicated finish.


Bring the beach’s light, relaxing aesthetic inside a condo or beachfront property with warm, natural colors and airy, spacious elements. You can complement this unique style and make the space easier to navigate while increasing the home’s resale value in communities popular with older adults.


Pair light, clean colors and minimal details with natural light to complement minimalistic spaces. With essential accessories, these styles offer maximum function and accessibility for a practical, attractive solution without complicated designs.


We offer fully custom home elevator designs because the best solution is often one of a kind. Whether you want to tailor the elevator to suit a historical home’s architecture, design a solution that complements a home’s outdoorsy aesthetic or use panes of glass with unique designs to establish a theme, Residential Elevators is up to the task.

With complete customization capabilities and a host of accessory options, including lighting, gates, handrails and operating panels, our team is equipped to create any elevator you can imagine.


Beyond the freedom to determine your elevator’s design by selecting its visual elements, you can choose how it operates. Choose from our two configurations:

  • Traction: This elevator type uses a counterweight method to transport you from floor to floor with ease. Traction elevators are efficient solutions for improving home accessibility.
  • Hydraulic: This elevator type operates with a piston and pump system that gives you the sensation of floating from one floor to another in a gentle and swift manner. This type requires a small machine room to store the hydraulic equipment.

Both elevator types offer a quiet and uncomplicated experience. The difference is simply a matter of which you prefer for the space. Whichever type you choose, the Residential Elevators team will ensure your build is perfect for your home and that the elevator provides you with comfort and style that blends in seamlessly with the home’s overall design.


Residential Elevators has been in the home elevator business since 1996. Our turnkey solutions and expert customization services set us apart, and our team handles it all. From the initial consultation through construction and installation, we complete every task internally, enabling us to ensure consistent, exceptional results for every project.

We are a family-owned and -operated business with a capable team that is dedicated to fulfilling your vision with an attractive, up-to-code elevator. We believe in doing the right thing, and we fulfill that commitment through quality, safety and innovation. What’s more, we strive to complete projects quickly, often completing start-to-finish installations in days rather than weeks.


A home should be a practical, comfortable space where you make fond memories rather than feeling concerned about navigating multiple stories. Whether you are a builder seeking a partner for a new construction project or a homeowner who wants to increase accessibility and stay in your home longer, Residential Elevators can help. Our custom home elevators are beautiful, functional fixtures that add value and encourage peace of mind.

The Residential Elevators team prioritizes supporting our most state-of-the-art elevators with stellar service. Contact us today to tell us more about your project and learn how we can help you create the best solution for any living space.