Tampa Home Elevator Installation

A Beautiful Piece of Art

This client just wanted an elevator in their home. They never expected something so elegant they could “sit and look at it in awe.”


  • Name Tampa Homeowner
  • Company Homeowner
  • Type Client
  • Location Tampa, Florida


The company and I got together and decided that we wanted to make a beautiful piece of art out of my elevator.

I needed an elevator, so that's what we did, and it's so beautiful.

I have a nice chair here and I just sit and look at it in awe, because the gorgeous work that was done on this elevator is unbelievable. I'm awe-struck every time that I look at it.

In addition to that, it's very quiet, you can't hear it. It's a very easy ride. We take my friends up and down no problem. It goes to the top right in my bedroom.

It's just a luxury that I never thought I would have. Thanks to Residential Elevators, here it is!