South Carolina Home Elevator Installation

Love our New Elevator!

Home elevators not only provide a lift to your life, they also add value to your home as well!


  • Name Jim & Barbara
  • Company Current Client
  • Type Homeowner
  • Location South Carolina


I’m Jim and this is Barbara and we’re from the greater Charleston South Carolina area. We’ve just experienced the installation of a wonderful elevator for us in our home.

One of the things that I wanted to mention right upfront was the value, the real value, of having good word of mouth advertising going on. That’s exactly how we got to Residential Elevators and the builder that we used. It turns out that as we talked to various friends in our neighborhood, and many of them put in elevators, many of them have horror stories and things that they’re not too proud of.

So when we would look for references, many of them didn’t really feel very good to have a reference. However, it all changed when I met a person that I volunteer with at Water Missions International that I sat down for lunch with one time. He began to talk about his experience of having an elevator installed and it was wonderful.

The builder solved his problem, the elevator company, which was Residential Elevators, came in and said, “you make that box, we can conform an elevator to fit.” They installed it and he’s loved it. So when it came time for us to consider such a thing, I contacted him immediately, he gave me the phone numbers, the names, and said go to it, you’ll have a fun time.

So we did.

What we experienced, the builder came out [and was] a very pleasant person, understood what was needed to be done. We ended up employing an architect because of some complications, but it was all designed and we started the process.

We were in the planning process when the builder said, “You’re going to get Residential Elevators here, aren’t you?” And that was kind of quizzical. I said of course we are, and he said, “Ok, I wanted to be sure because that’s what I would like to do.” So he contacted [Residential Elevators] I believe, and [they] came over and talked about what they offered. We were very pleased with what [Residential Elevators] had to say, [they] answered all of our questions so we made a commitment right then and there to do it.

As things go on and the building started, we had a vacation in the middle of it which didn’t help anybody, but in spite of that the building and construction was completed. All during the construction process, Steve was constantly over at our house every third or fourth day with a ruler in hand, taking measurements, making sure everything was going to be done the way it needed to be done. These visits were only five minutes or ten minutes and then he was gone again.

Interestingly enough, just before the order went to the factory, he was back again, except this time it was twenty or twenty-five minutes and he took measurements all over the place. He wanted to make sure the elevator was going to be installed properly.

From my experience, all of that working and doublechecking paid off because the factory completed our order, we got a notification they were going to arrive at 7:30 on a certain morning and they were here right when they said they were going to be here. They unloaded neatly, covered everything up in the garage.

A day later, the installers came and started the process of installing. They pulled things apart, they also took pictures along the way to make sure that they documented what they were doing, did a very professional job. You could tell they smile in their face all the time because everything was working the way it should work. The construction was the way it needed to be and all of the parts they needed were there and they just spent their time, a very short period of time, they got it installed. The thing works very nicely, so we’re very very happy.

So Steve, thanks for your part.

Thank you very much for your business and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the elevator.

We hope to, and we hope also that the next time we build a new house and we do put an elevator in, we’ll do it right from the get-go next time. That you’ll have one of these elevators available and that’s what we’re counting on.

I’m going to talk to the company about that and we’ll see what we can do next time.

Thank you very much.